Ensure good airflow throughout your commercial, industrial or large domestic premises with the support of RVHM’s ventilation installation and maintenance team. We provide and maintain the best systems for both clean air and exhaust fume ventilation.

  • Industry-leading quality and expertise
  • Swift and effective incident response
  • Diversely and deeply experienced team
  • Specifying the best for our clients, not us

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Comprehensive Service in All Areas

Survey & Design

Installation & Commissioning

Maintenance & Repairs

Testing & Inspection

Fully equipped

  •  Dust extract and filtration
  • Fresh air supply and filtration
  •  Fire and smoke dampers
  •  Fume extraction
  • Local exhaust ventilation (LEV)
  •  Occupancy fresh air requirements
  •  Sound attenuation

Fully serviced

  • Air distribution
  • Canopy cleaning
  • Duct cleaning
  • Fan performance testing
  • Filtration efficiency
  • Fire and smoke damper inspection and testing
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring
  • Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) testing