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High Integrity Systems

From downtown laboratories to offshore petrochemical and wind installations, we provide commissioning, maintenance and testing services for high-integrity systems in a wide range of settings. Our CompEX-qualified service and maintenance team work to the highest standards to keep your systems and your business running smoothly.

  • Industry-leading quality and expertise
  • Swift and effective incident response
  • Deeply experienced, CompEX-qualified team
  • Specifying the best for our clients, not ourselves

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Our family-owned business is backed by 35 years of experience with offshore HVAC systems. For 18 of those years, the company has been actively installing, maintaining and testing those systems for clients, targeting only the highest standards of work and customer service.

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As well as working for the petrochemical industry, we also service renewable power installations such as wind farms.

Temporary Refuge (TR) Integrity Testing

We provide detailed, PFEER-compliant* reports on the integrity and leakage values of temporary refuges for offshore petrochemical installations.

Our thermal imaging equipment and other tests can reveal TR impairments including:
⦁ Bulkhead corrosion and transits
⦁ Door seal impairments
⦁ Duct corrosion
⦁ Fire dampers
⦁ Untrapped drains
⦁ Window seals

* Prevention of Fire & Explosion & Emergency Response ‘PFEER’ Regulations (1995)

The Offshore Installations (Prevention of Fire & Explosion & Emergency Response ‘PFEER’ Regulations 1995) places a duty on Offshore Operators to demonstrate compliance of all temporary refuges (TRs) in meeting acceptable air leakage standards.


Benefit from the best servicing and equipment for offshore and onshore wind power installations. We’re offering the skills and experience from 35 years of offshore heating, ventilation and air conditioning experience to ever more clients in the renewable energy and wind power generation sector.

Fully equipped

  • Air handling units to ERP 2018
  • ATEX-certified equipment and controls
  • Calorifiers
  • Control systems – electrical and pneumatic
  • Dampers – blast, fire and gas, modulating and pressure relief
  • Ductwork
  • Extract fans, canopies and hoods
  • Filters and coalescers
  • Heat recovery systems to Energy
  • Related Products (ERP) 2018 legislation
  • Humidifiers
  • Low temperature hot water (LTHW)
  • Heating and chilled water (CHW) cooling coils
  • Positive pressurisation controls
    Terminal re-heaters

Fully serviced

  • Air tightness testing
  • Fan performance testing
  • Filtration efficiency
  • Fire dampers inspection & testing
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring
  • Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) testing
  • Temporary refuge (TR) integrity testing
  • Ventilation hygiene – Duct cleaning


BS EN 15138:2007 – Petroleum and natural gas industries Offshore production installations – Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.